Martial Arts For Mental Health

This class is part of our core mission to raise awareness and provide free mental health tools to all in need. We combine non contact Martial Arts Training in the form of Shadowboxing with other Mental Health Tools including Visualization, Breathwork, Meditation, Gratitude, Thought Framework, Directional Focus and many more. 

Live Class on Instagram Everynight at 6pm Eastern Standerd Time Hosted by Mental Toughness Coach Sackman. Who has personally overcome Clinical depression with boxing training. 


Classes Funded By the Sack Life Savers Program. Double tap the image below to learn more


Stance Guides

Prep for class with the guides below.

Traditional Muay Thai stance 🦵💥 Live free training every night 8 p.m. Eastern standard Time with S
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Western Boxing Stance 🥊
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Western Boxing Stance Body Guide
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Modern Balanced Muay Thai Stance👊🦵💥
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Modern Muay Thai Stance Body Guide Ft @niinacarita
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Tune in Live

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Missed the Live

Don't have instagram? You can still catch the replay anonymously and for free on our daily training youtube channel

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